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  • Map of park for «Ivolga»

Three recreation centers united in the same area on the border of the Kaluga Region and the Moscow region. For visitors to each of the areas important to understand how to reach the object not only of the territory in which it is. In addition to the artistic image in front of me was a goal to combine the cards in one and link them geographically. All items should be easy to findability. Among other things, it is important that the drawing was artistic and pleasing to the viewer.

The task began with photographing area. In one of the serene days helicopterwas booked with a photographer on board for detailed photography of the terrain from different viewpoints. From the resulting photographs were selected those that are best suited for rendering.

Camp "Ivolga" was chosen for the initial sketch. At first it was planned to mark each building. But then the idea had to be abandoned, the card has become too congested. In the first sketch, it became clear how detailed should be a map, and some objects may be too small to display.

Next it was drawn up a plan for the balance of the card and choosing the direction of drawing buildings. When aerial survey we took into account the fact that the house should be photographed from the south or the west side. The map should be approximately oriented south - north, rotatable, for example the south-west - north-east.

Following the approval and placement sketches in several stages began a long and laborious work on drawing card details. Each card area was painted separately and prepared on the general plan.

After looking at what is obtained immediately clear many gaps. Most of the buildings had to be redrawn from scratch again. Trees were drawn again. The colors had to mute the sake of readability. Later it became clear that it is necessary to draw all the fences and barriers, otherwise it is not clear how to get to a specific location. The icons were made of hand-drawn portion of the card. The icons had to sign, for greater clarity. The new base area "Vorobii" had to be redrawn again.

The result was presented to the customer for the amendment. As a result, correct inaccuracies and add new items Geography territories expanded, and the number of symbols has increased.

Working out the details in the final stage. Each house is checked, all the shadows, the position of objects, their visibility. It was modified a large number of little things that make up the big picture. Tests were carried out with the participation of different groups of people. On the orientation of the speed tests revealed several discrepancies in the notation and drawings that were later modified.