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  • Designed glasses from Denmark Vesterby

Vesterby was founded in 2009 by John and Jorgen Vesterbi Bremerskov. Quality and design points Vesterby is 40 years of work and implementation of combined experience and knowledge of the company's founders. Mark Vesterby is slow and laconic as Denmark itself. European quality and design inspired by the slow life of these points are granted all over the world a piece of European style and life credo.

For vesterby was designed landing page, seasoned in a minimalist and simple style, the appropriate brand ideals.

Besides the description of the brenad and its competitive advantages, the site contains the catalog of frames. Using the directory, it is much easier to pick up a pair of those that's just suit you. Dimensions of frames you can find out by sending an e-amil or through the form c site, indicating the model points, or by calling.