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  • online medicine portal rosmed.ru

Portal of medical services and the reference data center Rosmed - a global network combined clinics and doctors serving in the Moscow region, providing services paid medicine and free counseling patients and doctors online. Any registered client accesses the dynamic data base of hospitals, doctors, diseases, pharmacology, and methods of treatment.

Mobile version duplicates the desktop website version with all the features, including a common forum and forms call the doctor at home and online recording procedure.

The client is given complete information about the clinics, schedule and information on how to enroll a doctor to order the procedure and to come to the clinic, at last.

Doctors carried out an online consultation of patients and other doctors on matters of mutual interest.

Each doctor has its own page on the portal. It describes in detail the profile of activity of the doctor, going reviews of doctors, drawn up the personal rating of each doctor. All services provided by each physician are described in the table and have their cost, which is visible to the customer.

Easy entry form requires input of primary information and clarify the clinic. But there are other types of forms in which the user is essentially orders the return call from the registry, details of the application is already specified when calling the client.

Each page of the site is its continuation, so that the customer will never be at a dead end of the hospital corridor. There will always be a door leading eventually to the required information.

Total project design was created about 70 separate pages, each of which corresponded to the general logic of the site and not just being finalized in detail, so that the overall site picture turned out a complete and offers the user a pleasant treatment experience in the medical institution, which he will assess and advise others.