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Bfab is a one-stop platform for all beauty & wellness services. We curate the best salon and spa treatments for you to discover and book conveniently. No more lost-in-translation-awkward calls with the receptionist to book a haircut, manicure or even a massage after a long day at work. When you don’t know where to go for a fantastic beauty or wellness treatment that will fit your budget, Bfab is the answer.

The main objective was to review the concept of appearance, make the product visualization easier and more pleasant, while maintaining visibility to the existing audience. Malay audience members - a special, in terms of European developer. Here it is necessary to note several features: a different ethnic composition, greater involvement in social networks, little interest in the services of e-commerce and news resources, compared to the European audience. In addition, the idea srvisa - Beauty online order was for a new audience. Upcoming great work on the subtle changes in the general style, typography, navigation elements on the website, change of printed materials, promotional items.

Work began with the reform of the home page. The stake was made on a short landing page with a search function. The majority of users for the first time faced with such a service, and it was necessary to immediately give them to understand - what is happening here. Without further ado all options of service at a glance.

Mobile version of the site is aimed at the order of a particular procedure, and is less focused on the introduction of the service, she repeats the features of the application.

Simultaneously with the development of a new type of home page is developing promotional materials and mailings.

Much work has been done on the service list page conversion. Cossack village is divided into two zones. Left - the work area with a filter on the right - the result of the selection of interior or services. Filter Service has been given to a single logic. As you can see, the main topics were brought to the upper menu, and right at the opening show of the filter list, in which you can find in three clicks the service of interest to the date and time.

Card of each beauty salon is informative and provides the user with detailed information to make a decision about ordering, additional services advertised interior push the user to order. On this page, so many pop-ups with different kinds of specific information and interfaces. This form of entry to the site geolocation card, fast shopping cart orders, calendar schedule service availability and order form callback.

The most important order for a site page, it is certainly a village interior. The page has been logically divided into several ringing. The left side of the top - down: Summary of the cabin, title, rating, geolocation; Order Unit services promo block and the option purchase a gift card; User comments about this cabin. On the right side - pictures of the interior, description, schedule of work, social networks buttons and newsletter subscription. According to this logic, visualization page has been developed.

For easier navigation in the salon schedule the user is offered online schedule with time slots, so that anyone can immediately see the availability of any service on any day at any time. It is very convenient to order online! Calendar suggests that it is not necessary to order several services at the same time, shows - how long can take the service and its cost.

Together with the development of a new site concept Master-page was created with a list of all the major styles used on the site, so that any programmer, regardless of his involvement in the understanding of the guideline will be able to apply this knowledge to work on the site.

In addition to the main created several landing pages to attract attention to customer service to individual capabilities, such as, for example, online ordering via whatsapp chat.